eAlcoholServers' mission is to promote Alcohol Serving awareness through education. Culinary Arts educators who also teach mixology to students are partners in this important effort.

eAlcoholServers provides FREE training to Schools, Volunteers,
and the Financially Challenged

For Schools
eAlcoholServers provides free services to Culinary Arts classrooms wishing to teach a Alcohol Awareness to students. Countless schools across the US have taken advantage of this program to orient future bartenders and servers to issues surrounding responsible serving practices. Read More....

For Volunteers and Non-Profits
eAlcoholServers is also a strong advocate for those contributing their time and energy for the benefit of others. We support volunteer efforts by offering discounted services wherever possible. Please email us at BusinessServices@eAlcoholServers.com to find out how we can support your efforts. We look forward to partnering with you!

Free for Financially Challenged Alcohol Servers
We understand that times can be tough. If you are struggling to be able to pay the certificate processing fee, we can help. Contact your local WorkSource agency for details.

Governmental Agencies
eAlcoholServers will work cooperatively with governmental agencies to provide vital Alcohol Awareness training to bartenders and servers. This includes website creation, training partnerships, and even pay-for-click advertising. Contact for more information.

Job Resources for Bartenders & Alcohol Servers
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For more information on any of our assistance programs, please contact Customer Service.

"Thank you for allowing my students to take the food handler card test at no charge. All of the students in my classes were able to get their food handler card in May. I wish you could have seen their sense of achievement!.."
- Mona K HS Teacher - Atherton, CA

"This has been a great experience for us and I really feel like the students have learned a great deal!"
- Tara H, Barren School

"You guys are the best! We pride ourselves on our customer service because you just don't see too much of it anymore. It is refreshing to see that we're not alone.."
- Barbara M Owner - ZPizza San Clemente, CA

"I would like to thank your organization for helping my 8th Grade Foods students receive their Food Handler's Permits. You were exceedingly helpful in working with me as I tried to navigate the web to maintain my students privacy. My students are very proud of themselves as they have made this first step into the working world."
- Bobbie J, Sitka AK

Jobs Resources for Students, Bartenders & Alcohol Servers

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